What Makes Us Different

Why Leap Kapital?

We are a trusted group of financing and private equity resources for Businesses. Leap Kapital specializes in cash flow solutions and equipment financing as well as facilities and real estate. With our processes and financial restructuring abilities, we transform companies, create opportunities, and elevate the lending process. By taking a wholistic and long term outlook, we can help a company leverage financing, making it more efficient. Our resources allow us to provide very competitive financing and “out of the box” strategies.

Why Leap Kapital is different, we fill the financial gaps in businesses.

Traditional banking systems offer an array of financing options to companies. These programs usually begin once a company has reached the second year of operations. What is needed by a young company is different for a mature company.

One of the first financial “gaps” occurs within the first two years. Our financial sources understand this. Based on your individual needs, circumstances and position, we can bring you financing options prior to the two year mark. Additional financial gaps occur as a company matures. We bring solutions that fill these gaps, solutions that strengthen your company’s position as it grows.

Our Mission Statement

We operate from the premise of dignity, function, and purpose. With our roots in manufacturing, we feel financing should be more accessible, affordable, and quickly scalable. We support the American Business Spirit and apply every available means to provide the financial tools for healthy and sustainable growth.