Filling the Financial Gaps

We fill the financial gaps in business.

By listening to owners of businesses, both young and mature, we have identified areas of opportunity.

Because of the nature of manufacturing, financial gaps exist that are not fulfilled by traditional funding processes. We fill these financial gaps. The services we offer can assist with your very first invoice up to facility expansion and everything in between.

Our Mission Statement

We operate from the premise of dignity, function, and purpose. With our roots in manufacturing, we feel financing should be more accessible, affordable, and quickly scalable. We support the American Business Spirit and apply every available means to provide the financial tools for healthy and sustainable growth.

Young Businesses

The time between startup and the two-year bench mark presents challenges for new businesses in securing financing. Here is a sampling of some financial gaps facing young businesses and the solutions we’ve brought to them.

Scaling is one way Leap Kapital fills financial gaps


Additional equipment, production lines and a need to “stand apart” from the parent Corporation. This company needed a way to scale production to meet immediate and future orders.

Case Study
Startup Solution Leap Kapital


After years of R&D, this company was facing it’s first order and a large one at that. No current revenue stream existed. Potential application of their product was being sought by several additional industries.

Case Study
Filling Financial Gaps Leap Kapital


This company had acquired an SBA loan and used it to purchase equipment. They also need to relocate their operations to a different facility. They were capped out with their current lender.

Case Study
PO Financing Filling Financial Gaps Leap Kapital


Another example of needing assistance in fulfilling it’s first order. With it’s completion, multiple orders were in the line up including government contracts.

Case Study

Mature Businesses

Being in business for years does not automatically garner success. Mature businesses face their own unique list of challenges. And, yes, they too experience financial gaps.

Leap Kapital fills financial gaps by providing a Master Lease


With a product which needed higher capacity production, this company required a special built piece of equipment that would be 18 months to construct. Specialized financing was needed for a unique situation.

Case Study
Filling Financial Gaps Leap Kapital


This company has simply outgrown it’s original location. The expanded product line and national order fulfillment means not only a new location but a more central one is needed.

Case Study
Filling Financial Gaps Leap Kapital


Interests and company direction no longer aligned. A buyout was needed by remaining owners in order to take this Company into the future of telecommunications.

Case Study