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Business Loans – What Options are Available?

There is a variety of loan options available to businesses today. Do you need to fund sudden growth? Do you have equipment and software that needs to be updated? Perhaps you need to expand your current facilty or relocate to a better location. Whatever the purpose, there is a loan program out there to cover your needs.

ASSET BASED LOANS (A Business loan based on equipment and items you already own)
Our asset-based loans program provides a revolving line of credit structured around the value of fixed business assets. We conduct an in-depth analysis of your assets and consider items which traditional financial institutions overlook. We unlock the capital potential in assets such as: • Inventory • Equipment • Real Estate • Vehicles • Supplies • Accounts Receivable Offers Versatility — Asset based loans can be used for a wide range of purposes, including: • Working Capital • Turnaround Financing • Seasonal Businesses • Leveraged Buyouts • Mergers • Growth Financing • Special Situations
Leasing Advantages — Equipment depreciation is just one reason to go with a lease program. Other advantages include: • Tax and accounting laws that favor leasing • Increased cash flow • Leasing does not impact your company’s debt portfolio • The ability to upgrade when you want, without worrying about paying off debt Startup Program — With our startup porgrams, you can purchase or lease equipment without waiting until your company is already up and running.
ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLES (A Business loan based on the money owed to you)
Fund Your Growth While Streamlining Your Accounting — For companies that need to free up cash flow quickly without incurring new debt, accounts receivable financing is often the best idea. This is done by selling those receivables to a factor and letting us take on the burden of collections. Since this is basically an asset sale, the transaction does not increase the debt load of the client company at all. Extra Advantages — Our clients also gain the following benefits from financing with their accounts receivable: • Fast turn-around usually means cash within 24 hours • No recourse on accounts that do not pay • Avoiding loan boards and the entire application approval process • Focus on the business you do, not making collection calls • Increased ability to handle large or unconventional orders
LINES OF CREDIT (UNSECURED) (Money to use as you see fit)
Qualification Requirements — Certain requirements will determine how much credit your business qualifies for. These include the following: • Your current credit profile • The size of your business • How profitable your business is For example, if you recently started up your operations and have yet to establish revenue, we may be able to provide you with anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 in credit. Comparatively, if you operate an established business with yearly revenues that exceed $1,000,000, we may be able to provide you with up to $500,000 in credit. When we provide business lines of credit, we never offer subprime rates. This means that if you qualify, your interest rate could range from one to five percent.
SBA LOANS (We get pre-approval BEFORE application)
Our Programs –Locating the financing you need to maintain the success of your operations can be a challenge. This is where our professionals come in. The Small Business Association has designated us as a Preferred Financial services provider. As a result, we are able to provide and fund loans from the SBA in a seamless and efficient manner. As a provider of small business loan options, there are several different beneficial financing options that we have to offer. These include some of the following: • Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Financing — through this program, we can provide you with the funding you need to purchase, build, refinance, or renovate a variety of different property types, including a restaurant, gas station, auto dealership, repair shop, or motel. Through this particular program, we also provide equipment leasing options, existing business acquisition loans, and loan worth up to $5 million. • 7(a) Loan Program — if you need long-term, permanent financing, this may be the right program for you. However, please keep in mind that since this financing is provided through the SBA, you must meet their qualifications. • 504 loan program — our 504 loan program, which is also provided through the Small Business Administration, can help you acquire a first mortgage, a second mortgage, or a loan for a specific project. Like our 7(a) loan program, you must also meet certain pre-determined eligibility standards.
Maintain Valuable Equity — With a merchant cash advance, your business does not lose any of its valuable equity. An effective alternative to a small business loan, we can give you an advance worth up to $200,000 for every location that you operate on future credit card sales. We do not require you to pay an application fee or closing costs on the advance. Once you acquire the advance, you do not have to make fixed payments on it. We make paying back the advance a simple, streamlined process.

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