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Manufacturing is capital intensive. Financial strategy is paramount when it comes to growing and forecasting your financial needs.

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Welcome to Leap Kapital, we expand commercial financing.

We have our roots in industrial manufacturing. So, we had this crazy idea, access to financing should be more accessible, affordable and quickly scalable. There’s no reason for it to be overwhelming, it’s just a matter of “doing what you do best” and outsourcing the rest.

This is where we come in. We help you understand where your company is today, financially, and assist in taking the uncertainty out of your tomorrow. By utilizing business solutions that serve a dual purpose and address multiple goals, you can face the future head on.

Leap Kapital Financing Teamwork

How does the process work?

Step 1

Start by providing a brief background of your business and your current funding goals.

Step 2

We converse with you to learn what your needs and plans are; build your profile that tells your story.

Step 3

We match you with sources invested in your industry and interested in furthering your specific business goals.

Step 4

We connect you with the funding agent, assist you with the application process and move your business forward.

Transaction Sizes

We work in a variety of markets and a wide range of financing from Small to Large Markets $5M to $500M.

Typical transactions: $100K to $30M

Our Industry Expertise

Here are the industry segments that we excel at. We have built strategies with our partners that enable us to bring “out of the box” thinking that brings fresh solutions.

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Equipment Specialities Information Technologies and Software Storage Equipment Telecommunications Equipment Specialities Construction Equipment and Heavy Equipment Equipment Specialities Industrial Manufacturing and Automation

Our Partners in Business Development Services

Don’t go it alone. Make use of collective wisdom and experience.

NETRIDA Leap Kapital Commercial Loans

Northeast Tennessee Valley Regional Industrial Development Association

The NETVRIDA is a regional economic development organization. Assisting in industrial site selection and business development.

ETSU Leap Kapital Manufacturing Loans

ETSU Innovation Lab

The ETSU Innovation Lab is a high-tech business incubator. Their worldwide scope & International Soft Landings Designation serves as a nexus offering physical and virtual business support to growing companies.

ETSU Innovation Lab
Composite Coalition Leap Kapital Business Loans

Composites Coalition

Composites Coalition is a statewide initiative that aims to capitalize on Tennessee’s unique assets in composites research and composites-related economic development.

Leap Kapital Financing

Morristown Chamber of Commerce and Business Development

Creating, nurturing and expanding diverse economic growth and an advocate for business in Hamblen County and the Lakeway Region.

Leap Kapital Business Loans

The Roane Alliance

The Alliance is a cooperation between Industrial Development Board, Visitor’s Bureau and the Chamber, working together to promote and attract outsiders to Roane

Leap Kapital Commercial Financing

Knoxville Chamber of Commerce

The Knoxville Chamber is the leading voice for business in Knoxville and beyond. We pride ourselves on offering the business community a diverse menu of cutting edge products and services designed to help make Knoxville America’s Best Business Address®.